Why did the chicken cross the road

Why did the chicken cross the road

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Why did the chicken cross the road


First, if you were curious, here is some background info on the famous joke/riddle. The riddle is one of the most famous and oldest riddles in the entire English Language. It is famous because the punchline "to get to the other side," is a serious answer. The straightforwardness of the answer is part of the humor, because most other riddles are tricky and confusing. The origin of this joke takes us back to the 1800s! How crazy is that? There are many variations of the joke, such as "Why did the skeleton cross the road?" and "Why did the chicken not cross the road?" Answers: "Because it had no guts," and "It would be a fowl processing," respectively.

Anyway, without further adieu, why did the chicken cross the road?

1) "To get to the other side." - Duhhh

2) "For the greater good." - Plato

3) "If a chicken crosses a road, and no one sees it, does he really cross the road?"-Stoned Philosopher

4) "Damn, I missed one?" -Colonel Sanders

5) "To boldly go where no chicken has ever gone before." - The Honorable Captain James T. Kirk

6) "The road obviously represents the black man. The chicken, therefore, 'crossed' the black man in order to step on him and keep him down. We as a people must rise above this!" - Rev. Al Sharpton

7) "Because the grass is always greener on the other side." - Humphrey H. Biggleswoth

8) "There are those who look at something and ask why. I look at things and ask, 'why not'?" -Robert F. Kennedy

9) "To come. To see. To Conquer." - Julius Caesar

10) "To cross the road less traveled by. And it has made all the difference." - Robert Frost

There you have it. The top ten reasons why the chicken crossed the road. Pretty funny huh? Eh, maybe. Just for reference, I found most of these quotations doing a simple online search. So if you'd like more, just search for these online and you will find more! If you liked these jokes, chances are you'd like laughing at silly videos as well!



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